Monday, September 24, 2007

Great cartoons

Daily cartoons by John Birch at ASBO Jesus.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


School is going to start for me next Monday. Life as I know it is going to change a lot. Having to take two classes and not really excited about that. To be honest, I am not really even sure what two classes I am taking. Guess I should get in contact with the school.


....the vacation is over. It was good times had by all. We went to Yellowstone National Park and had an awesome time. We saw bison and elk. No bears, but that is ok. The boys really loved it. I got to do my 23 mile hike which was a year in the waiting. Got some yard work done that has been waiting for some time now. The boys were all in school for part of it so Chris and I got to hang out, just the two of us. That is something rather new to us. All said, great vacation. Just the way we like 'em.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Well, I got it done. 23 miles on the Elkhorn Crest Trail took us 7 1/2 hours. Better then I thought we would do.

It was awesome. My feet are a little tender and I am starting to feel a little stiff. Need to make sure I go on a hike tomorrow to work some of this out.

I was really jazzed that Loren and Sue went with me. It makes it so much more enjoyable to hike with others.

Next, traverse the Eagle Caps. Next weekend.

Man I love this stuff!

Today's adventure

It is 4:40am. I am tired because I really did not sleep well last night. I think it was because I am excited and nervous. It may be because I knew that I had to get up really early this morning.

I am getting ready to walk out the door and go meet my friends Loren and Sue. We are going to hike the entire Elkhorn Crest Trail today. 23 miles. Loren has done it before in 7 hours. He is in better shape then I am.

I have been wanting to do this for over a year now. It is going to be sweet!!!