Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a good day

today is a very good day in the house of dean. every year that i have been on staff there has been a couple who have graciously given us a smoked turkey. now you have to understand. this seems to be a labor of love for them. they make like 25 of them every december and it takes about 12 hours per turkey. i think they said they get up every 3 hours and do something with them. not really sure what that something is, but it must be something good because these things are awesome. no awesome does not really describe it. divine. yeah! that would do it, they are divine.

a nice thick smokey flavor that is in the skin and all the way to the bone. i really do look forward to this and always end up eating parts of it before it gets home. it is sitting in my office right now missing both legs. i only ate one. i gave the other to a friend who stopped by. i must say that i hesitated to do that. then chris and i decided that we would invite them over for dinner tonight to partake in the further consumption of this divineness. i am pretty sure they are coming from the look on my friends face.

yes, it truly is a good day in the house of dean.

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