Monday, December 03, 2007

NNU's 2008 Wesley Center Conference

Brian McLaren will be the keynote speaker at this years Wesley Center Conference "Furtherness: Holiness Reoriented in a Changing World." It is funny, I have already had someone tell me they won't be going because Brian is the speaker. Saddens me a little. But I know plenty of other people who will be going. So it should be fun and I am certain that I will be challenged and grow from it. Brian will also be at NNU for his "Everything Must Change" tour. The registration cost will cover both events. Sweet deal as well!! So, here is the registration info in case you are interested. Hope to see you there.

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Kendra Joy said...

OOOOO!! I want to go so bad! We could see my professors and friends still in the area, visit Baker City AND hear McLaren speak. Tim is reading "Everything Must Change" right now, and when he's done it'll be my turn. I'll have to see if we can join you in Nampa for the Wesley Center Conference! Thanks for letting us know he will be there.

By the way, it is truly very sad that people decided to not come simply because McLaren will be the keynote speaker. Tragic. All the more reason for us to save the cash and go to support him!